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A Church Near You
Currently lists 50,000 services and events in 16,500 churches.

Ascension Church, North End
Stubbington Avenue, North End

Church of England
A Christian presence in every community

Church Union
Seeking to promote and renew Catholic Faith and life within the Church of England

Support for CofE churches and cathedrals

College of St Barnabas
Retirement Home for Clergy

Forward In Faith
Supporting The Society (qv) and renewing the Church in the Historic Faith.

Home of Comfort, Southsea
Victoria Grove, Southsea

Local Doctors
Heyward Road Surgery

Mothers Union
Christian care for families

Portsmouth Cathedral
High Street, Old Portsmouth

Portsmouth Diocese
The Wider Church

Ride & Stride
Ride & Stride in support of Historic Churches Trust

See of Richborough
Pastoral and sacramental care by the Bishop of Richborough

Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
A centre of English Christian Pilgrimage for a 1000 years

Sisters of Bethany
7 Nelson Rd, Southsea

Providing ministry, sacraments and oversight which we can receive with confidence

St Albans Church, Copnor
Copnor Road, Portsmouth

St James Church, Milton
Associate parish

St Saviours Church, Stamshaw
Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw

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