Our New Church and Church Centre

As well as building our new facilities, we have been reordering the worship area of the church and have worked with artists, Elliot Brotherton, who worked with stone to create a new altar, font, ambo and tabernacle housing, and Peter Eugene Ball, who created a beautiful sculpture: the new Christus.

Click on these links to see the drawings proposed before work started 

Hall Elevation

Re-ordering 1

Proposed Church Site Plan

Proposed Church Plan


Father, we pray for our community, families and homes
We pray for your blessing on our work and leisure
We pray for the grace to be your prophets to those who need to hear your love
We pray for Father Michael and for the Parochial Church Council
We ask your blessing on the plans for the development of our buildings
May our planning proclaim our Hope
The finished building, our Faith
And our welcome of newcomers, our love
In your name

Work was completed on 20th November  2010. Click here to see what has been achieved.

This new centre is now open for the use of all to serve the community in which we live (see Hall Hire).

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